Download Garageband for PC using Simple Steps (2020 Version)

GarageBand, the outcome of technological advancement, is now a popular tool in the music industry. Regarded as the best software by Apple Inc., GarageBand is a trusted software for music creation and podcasting. Technically, GarageBand is a digital audio workstation, which means it is an electronic version of an actual recording studio. So, now you get to produce music and edit it too. All this, easily from the comfort of your home, thanks to Apple.

GarageBand for PC – The Debate

The go-to studio for amateurs as well as professionals, the music composing app is everything a musician needs to get started. However, a major OS-related constraint of GarageBand restricts Windows users from accessing it. To sort this out, various tools have been developed to emulate the macOS platform onto a Windows PC to allow the system to download and install GarageBand on the PC.

In this article, we will be discussing the various software and methods to help you download GarageBand on Windows



Methods to download GarageBand for PC

Before installing GarageBand on a Windows PC, you must be aware of the procedure to convert the system into an imitation of the macOS environment to accommodate the software, without any difficulties. Through this article, we will use two software procedures that can help you install GarageBand on your computer.

Below are the two software that we will be using to install GarageBand on Windows.

  1. VMware (a software that helps in imitating the macOS environment on a Windows system), and
  2. iPadian (an Apple emulator that emulates all iPad features onto a Windows system)

Method 1: How to download GarageBand via VMware-

First, Let us understand about VMWare:

The first one up is VMWare Workstation Player. VMWare offers a variety of desktop-supporting software, and the VMWare Workstation gives OS-based services and helps you imitate various parts of a different OS, onto a different OS environment. Here, VMWare serves as a replacement to the emulators and virtualizes macOS Sierra onto your Windows PC. 

However, VMWare Workstation has a couple of conditions that must be fulfilled to execute the job. 

  • Intel-based processors are a must since VMWare only operates on Intel processors. 
  • AMD-V compatibility must be verified beforehand.

The procedure

Step 1- The first thing to do is to download and install VMWare Player.

Step 2- Now, download Sierra 3 by macOS. 

Step 3- Activate the VMWare Workstation software from the official VMWare website.

Step 4- Next, extract the folder containing the macOS Sierra with the help of WinRar.

Step 5- Look up the Win-install tool and right-click on the “Run as Administrator” option.

Step 6- Click on the macOS Sierra file. Then, go to macOS Sierra 10.12 tools and look up the Unlocker208 file in the Final YouTube Folder.

Step 7- Now, when command prompt screen shows up, ensure permissions are given. 

Step 8- Once through, go to the main screen and launch the VMWare tool. Click on the Open VirtualMachine option.

Step 9- Now, go to Sierra > macOS Sierra 10.12 tools > Final YouTubeFolder > Unlocker208.

Step 10- Select the Edit the Virtual Machine Settings option, and click on it to choose an appropriate processor value count.

Step 11- Now, on VMWare, select the RAM option that you’d wish to use. Click on OK. (Make sure you use only half of what your PC has, for a steady setup)

Step 12- Launch VMWare, and click on Virtual Machine Play. 

Once this is done, the Apple logo will appear. This confirms that an imitation of the macOS has been created on your Windows system. So, you are through with the tricky part. 


Step 13- Go to the App Store and search for the GarageBand app.

Step 14- From the search results, select the GarageBand app. Click on Install.

After this, the app will be installed within a few minutes, and you will be able to access the best digital audio workstation right on your Windows PC.

Explain Method 2: How to download GarageBand via iPadian?

Let us know more about iPadian

iPadian is one of the most user-friendly Apple emulators that projects the interface of an iPad onto your Windows screen. This emulator is available in a free as well as premium (paid) version.

The procedure

Step 1- Using this link, download the iPadian emulator on to your Windows PC. 

Step 2- After the file is downloaded, install its .exe file. This will run the software on your PC.

Step 3- Now, after the iPadian emulator is installed, double click on the icon to open the software.

Step 3- Through the iPadian emulator, you can access Apple’s App Store to search for an app. Type GarageBand, and wait for the search results.

Step 4- Once the results show up, select GarageBand, and click on it to download the app on your system.

Step 5- After getting downloaded, the iPadian Emulator will open the GarageBand app. 

Hence, using the iPadian Emulator, you will be able to use GarageBand on your desktop.

Features of GarageBand

Below is a list of features of GarageBand that will help you know the software better:

  • Sequencing: GarageBand is very efficient in keeping all of your audio clips into a set sequence and putting them into a separate merged audio file. It is regarded as essential, especially when using two or more tracks in an interview, or on different segments of an episode.

  • Recording audio: With a variety of in-built filters to record audios, GarageBand lets you produce an audio file using varied audio effects. Moreover, it enables you to record an audio file in 16-bit as well as 24-bit resolution. With options such as software instruments, real instruments, electric guitars, etc., composing music becomes an impressive process.

  • Audio Loops: If you are short on time, the audio loops are everything that you need. All you need to do is pick a loop from the selection and use it as you would like. You get to determine which loop to choose, based on the genre, mood, and tone. And if you like any, you can use it by double-clicking on the particular loop.

  • Upload & Save: GarageBand is great music creating a platform that lets you upload the recordings through iTunes. So, you can save once you are done, and upload it later.

This is just a glimpse of the many extraordinary features that make it the most popular choice. With a plain and easy-to-understand user-interface, GarageBand is a beneficial software, overall.

About few alternatives to GarageBand

Now, although we have the perfect solution to help you access GarageBand on your Windows PC, there can be several external factors that may cause difficulty in accessing this DAW. 

Hence, we have devised a list of GarageBand alternatives that support Windows and are easily available online:


The first one on our list is a free cross-platform virtual studio which is regarded as the most decent GarageBand alternate for Windows. With its simple user-interface, LMMS enables you to create music and perform editing tasks with ease. With a great variety of effect plugins, instruments, presets, and more, LMMS is a comprehensive digital audio workstation. This is a perfect software for beginner level musicians and works well for music covers, and instrumental music.

FL Studio

FL Studio is yet another GarageBand alternative that comes packed with great features. Superfast automation, MIDI input, etc., make FL Studio is the perfect advanced-level digital studio for professional GarageBand users. Some of the advanced features such as step sequencer and piano roll make this virtual studio changes the recording process into a visual experience. FL Studio works well for those who aren’t well-read in music but would like to try their hand on this virtual platform. This is a paid software and is available at different packages. The higher the package price, the more plugins and effects in the software.


Reaper is another digital audio workstation that is a perfect tool for computers. With specialties such as full multi-track audios, and MIDI recording, editing, etc., this one is an efficient software and can be installed through a portable drive. It supports a variety of third-party effects as well as virtual instruments, such as VST3, VST, DX, and AU, etc. It has an internal 64-bit audio processing capacity and has a huge collection of audio effects. A good alternative for your Windows PC, Reaper is the go-to choice for those who like to experiment with tunes.

Ableton Live

The next one up is Ableton Live, a paid digital audio workstation that is used mostly by professional artists. This one has some impressive features including instant mapping, sampler, live community (to socialize), and more. A popular choice among those who prefer to use a MIDI controller, Ableton Live is a good GarageBand alternative.


Last on our list is free software, Audacity. Known as the perfect replacement for GarageBand, this one comes equipped with an editor that enables you to edit several tracks in one go. Audacity is known for its easy user-interface. This one works well with not only Windows but also with macOS. Other than this, Audacity offers live recording option, converting physical records into virtual recordings. And that’s not it, there is also an editing option for file extensions like WAV, MP2, MP3, etc. The best thing about Audacity is that it lets you develop new plugins effects with the help of Nyquist.

These are some of the best digital audio workstations that support Windows and are a great way to create music. Some of these are even better than the GarageBand app. Based on your requirements and skillset, you can start creating music with any of these DAWs on your PC right away.

What is so special about iPadian?

Since the iPadian is not an emulator exactly, it stands apart from the other emulators or software that offer similar services. iPadian is a simulator, which means it only simulates the UI of an iOS device onto a PC. Also, with its own App Store, iPadian has a pack of apps that’ll give you the impression of using an iOS device only. It is a great software that is visually pleasing and helps you catch a glimpse of iOS environment on a Windows screen. So, even if you don’t have a MacBook, you can always have your share of fun with Apple apps through this great simulator.

Also, iPadian offers a lot of other features like a personal browser, email options, social networking, iTunes, etc., right on your PC’s screen.

The endnote

It is essential to agree that there is no direct or official way to get GarageBand on a Windows PC. However, the aforementioned software helps us obtain the iOS on a Windows platform, with few adjustments. Also, GarageBand is not the only way to create music digitally. A lot of other digital audio workstations are considered good and can be downloaded on your PC. And yet, if you still wish to try your hands on GarageBand, you can always try the methods above to install the app on your system.