Download & Install GarageBand for Chromebook – Easy Guide

Google Chromebooks are detachable laptop cum tablets that operate on Chrome OS and are generally much cheaper and lightweight as compared to other desktops and PCs from Windows or Apple. They are preferable for people that mostly work on browsers or operate browser-friendly apps as Chrome OS is ‘web-based’ meaning that these devices offer much less storage space and can only work with apps and software designed for Google Chrome browser.

GarageBand for PC is an app for music lovers developed for macOS or iOS devices that helps artists create music virtually. But it is not available for other operating systems and in order to use GarageBand on Chromebook, you need to either have a Mac or any other Apple device with GarageBand nearby, to use the app for free or you can use services like for a cost.

Through Chrome Remote Desktop feature:

This feature allows you to access another computer/laptop and use Windows or Apple applications on your Chromebook through screen sharing nearby devices.

  1. Install the Chrome Remote Desktop app and under the ‘My Computers’ section, press ‘Get started’.
  2. Click ‘Accept and Install’ to download host installer.
  3. Click on ‘Enable remote connections
  4. Enter a protection PIN in order to secure your network.
  5. Launch the Chrome Remote Desktop app in Chromebook.
  6. Enter the Security PIN to connect with the Mac on your Chromebook by recognising its name and click on ‘Connect’.
  7. Now, you can open and use GarageBand app on your Mac and it will work on the Chromebook screen via screen sharing to which your device is connected.
  8. To end the process, click on ‘Stop Sharing’ on your Chromebook. To recheck that process has ended, click ‘Disable Remote Connections’ on your Mac and you’ll be done.

Learn how to change your ChromeBook into a MAC from the video below:

Through a paid service like

MacinCloud allows you to “rent a MAC” across browsers (such as Google Chrome) or via Remote Desktop Protocol for a base fee of 20$  for a limited plan and helps by providing users with desktop-as-a-service solutions that allow Chromebook users to access macOS apps.

  1. To set up this service, you have to create an account by logging in to the site.
  2. Enter your security information to use the service as a guest.
  3. Complete payment by filling necessary details and then choose your desktop.
  4. The Garageband comes pre-loaded in macOS unless it has been deleted.
  5. If it is deleted, simply find the app on the App Store in the rented macOS desktop screen on your Chromebook and start creating your own music.

However, it is not advisable to use this service in case you want to work on this for a really long period of time as your Chromebook might not comply with the storage requirements and the time limitations of using GarageBand in

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